Monday, March 28, 2016

How to cut back on eating out with meal prepping

Eating out can get really expensive. You can save a ton of money by packing your own meals. It doesn't have to be boring or too time consuming. By prepping on a Sunday for the week you will save so much time and money. This tactic may even work with your kids. Keep everything prepped in the fridge and they will have healthier snacks to eat instead of just chips/cake/junk.

I don't prep to be completely healthy as my main goal is to save time and money. So I figured people want to do the same.

You just need to buy large packs of meat which I get mine at a good price at Walmart. I always buy their large packs of tenderloins. It's so easy to throw half a pack into a large bowl and mix with seasonings. You then just throw it in the oven and BAM you have oven baked chicken for lunches or dinners. You can also cook stove top in a large pan and just use some grape seed oil.

We all love fresh cilantro here at home. It packs a ton of flavor and it's cheap for a large bunch. (Just $1.00 at my Walmart) I will use that as a base in many of my meals. If you want an example of how I season some chicken or chops check below

- Fresh Cilantro
- Fresh Garlic (I use the squeeze garlic in a bottle )
- Garlic powder
- Onion powder
- Powdered Thyme
- Rosemary
- Red pepper flakes
- Red or white wine ( I use red for chops and white for chicken)
- Fresh cracked black pepper , Fresh sea salt
- Honey
- Lime juice

I always just eyeball it and season the meat so everything is covered with just a bit of wine juice at the bottom. Believe me whole family loves this mixture of seasoning. It kinda tastes like Cuban seasoning.

Do you have leftovers? Pack that stuff up! Someone will eat it. I honestly don't really like leftovers but my kids and boyfriend will eat it if I heat it up for them. That's a meal I don't have to cook or pay for. Woohoo money and time saved! I honestly think when meals are packed up in these neat meal prep containers it's more attractive. You'll be more inclined to eat a meal from it instead of a regular tupperware.

Anyway, I got these neat meal prep containers from Chili Cookware. They are really durable and can be washed to be used over and over again. I know they will last me a long time. I actually took it with me to an Easter dinner I attended to take some leftovers with me. It worked great and they have a tight seal on them. There's so much space for food in each compartment. I love them.

You can BUY this set of 10 for $19 on Amazon here:

Thanks for reading and well wishes on saving money/time with your meal prepping journey!

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