Thursday, March 24, 2016

What I got from Amazon - Spring Fashion & Jewelry Items March 2016

So I got some pretty cool things from Amazon this month and I wanted to focus on some of the fashion type items I got to check out.

The first thing up is these multi-colored Bohemian styled earrings from Spunkysoul. They have so many beautiful colors that are not tacky. They mesh very well together. I could see myself wearing these for a bunch of casual outfits especially in the Spring and Summer.

You can BUY these Boho earrings on Amazon here for $16.99 :

You can also check out SpunkySoul's beautiful jewelry pieces here on their Amazon shop: CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SHOP

Next up is this Harry Potter Inspired jewelry set from GoodLucky365. This is so cool especially if you're a fan of all types of geekery which I definitely am.

I would have to say that my favorite thing from the whole set is the necklace with the ball and wings on it. I think it's supposed to be the Golden Snitch from the Quidditch games. The bracelet is pretty awesome as well because it looks like you are wearing a few different ones at once. The layered look is so IN right now.

You can BUY this Harry Potter jewelry set here on Amazon for $8.18 :


Next up are these non slip Yoga socks from Raylans. They actually sent me a few things for review. There are two kings of Yoga socks usually. There are the standard looking ones that cover the whole foot and the toe-less ones. I think I prefer the ones that look like a regular sock because they still provide traction to help me work out plus keep my toes covered. I can also just use them around the house when I am done anyway.

I know they are called Yoga socks but you can pretty much use them for any type of workout. These are great for martial arts type training as well if you don't wear shoes anyway.

You can BUY Raylan's Yoga socks here on Amazon for $9.18 (4 set) :


Here's the next piece from Raylans which are lace lingerie undies for women. They come in many different colors but I had my eye on this beautiful dark teal looking color. You don't get to pick a size but they are surprisingly stretchy. I thought they weren't going to fit but I did manage to get them on and I'm usually a Medium in Victoria's Secret panties.

Just so you can see the fit I put them on over my leggings to show you. They are super comfortable as well. Totally recommend them!

You can BUY your own pair of Raylans lace underwear here on Amazon:


Next up is this bralette from Raylans. It's like one of those caged tank top thingies. They have quite a few different styles and colors. They do come with breast pads but I usually pluck those out since I hate how they look under anyhow. It's very comfortable and has a nice stretch to it. You can wear these alone or with a shirt underneath. I'd probably wear it over something.

You can BUY your own Raylans bralette here on Amazon for $5.15 :


Here's the last thing I got from Raylans on Amazon. It's a workout sports bra. Once again this comes with pad inserts in them. I personally pulled mine out since I like a seamless look to it plus it just fits better for me that way. I love the color on it and the stretch is wonderful. This is their size Large and it fits nicely over my clothing and under. They have a ton of colors available but this is their Light Blue version.

You can Buy this Sports Bra from Raylans here on Amazon for $5.77 :

Hope you enjoyed checking out a few of the things I got on Amazon and be sure to check back with me to see what other goodies I get to try out. The world of shopping can be a fun place but its always changing daily. Let me guide you :}

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