Thursday, June 22, 2017

Leokis Cat Litter Mat - So Stylish

Thanks to Leokis on Amazon for donating a litter mat for my foster kitties. I actually use it under the tent in the corner of their feeding station. This works out just in case they spill food or water. Love it so much! It looks really nice but comes rolled up so there will be an initial line between it. Eventually it will flatten out with use.

I'm also sure this would make a great litter mat from in front of a cat litter box for people who use conventional litter boxes. I do use it for the foster kitties but I find that this mat works out better for food/water mess with little ones.

You can purchase it here for $17 with Prime

HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIAL, PHTHALATE FREE: durable, long lasting PVC material with superior mesh. Independently laboratory tested non-toxic: Phthalate - free, free from lead and cadmium (this is A MUST), SGS approved. Premium comfort mat for sensitive paws.

EASY TO KEEP FLOORS CLEAN: effectively catches and traps anything that falls from the paws of your beloved pets. Waterproof, the non - slip bottom for stability. We guarantee it, because we are cat parents!

EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN: shake it off, vacuum it or easily wash it with soapy water to remain fresh and clean.

STYLISH EFFICIENT DESIGN, FUNCTIONAL SIZE & CLASSIC COLORS: the patented decorative design and optimized mesh traps cat litter, keeps it in place and insures that all odors are absorbed. Classic, neutral colors - grey, coffee, beige - for any of home decor! Functional size 35.4“ L*24“ W.

MORE THAN CAT LITTER MAT: it is designed and created with love for your beloved kitty’s and small dogs, but it can also be used like a doormat, Just try it, because it works!

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