Monday, June 12, 2017

Noyspets "Hangable Cat Scratcher" with catnip plus fish bell toy

ust a warning...this video is really long like 9 minutes. Just skim through it so you can see the product being used. You can hang this if you want but I prefer it on the ground so kitties don't scratch the wall/door by mistake while scratching the cardboard.

So this wonderful company decided to work with me and donate their cat scratcher package over to me in exchange for a quick mention. They loved the fact that I am fostering kitties and praised me for it since they do the same. Awesome, right?

The company is Noys Pets (  )  and they have a bunch of things but here's one of their many lovely products. It's a well made cardboard cat scratcher which has a cute design on the outside. Think of putting shoes in a shoe box except the shoes are a cardboard scratching board. It came with a refill board , catnip packet and a toy. I used the extra scratching board in the room with 4 of my fosters since they are kittens but older kittens.

You can Buy this product here $22.90 right now:

Use my special code for 15% off the price at checkout: F3XVT4A2

You can watch the video here below direct from my Youtube channel:

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