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Struggling with underarm odor as a female & how to help fix it

Yup, this is a tough topic to talk about for many females. I will openly say I am one of the many females who struggle with bad underarm odor. You're probably thinking that its a problem that everybody has which you are right to a degree. I wish people knew how bad the odor and sweat gets for me but they just laugh when I tell them my underarms always smell bad.

Go to the doctor? I already told the doctor about it and I felt like he thought he was talking to some 13 year old going through puberty. I tried asking for a prescription deodorant but I was brushed off once again. Hey, I have another appointment coming up tomorrow so we will see what my new Doctor tells me.

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I have tried every single deodorant under the sun. Nothing has ever worked for more than 10 minutes out of the shower for me. Clinical strength deodorants are a joke and never work for more than 30 minutes out of the shower. Maybe I'm the odd one out here but there HAS to be others who suffer like me. I even tried a deodorant cleanse and my underarms just smelled completely horrendous without anything but lotion. So yeah the whole going natural does NOT work for people like me.

Every so often I come across a new product that claims it can kill under arm odor and so my eyes light up like a Christmas tree in hopes that it might work. Enter these deodorant underarm wipes from a company called,  "Game Face Grooming." It looked a bit gruff and kind of marketed towards men but I didn't care because I was desperate to try something new. Maybe just maybe something like this would work for my big problem.

The wipes came in the mail for me to try out and I did after a long day I decided to wipe my stinky underarms before bed. The smell is wonderful which I thought they would smell like men's cologne but didn't. They kind of have a shea butter smell to them. The wipes were thick, strong and nicely sized. My underarms had a nice neutral shea butter scent to them. I could see the dirt right on the wipe. I took a pic of it but it's hard to see since it was night time. (Try to see at the top of the palm of my hand for the dirt spots. Just squint really hard. That's my foster kitten by the way, hi!)

I was surprised to smell that I still smelled fresh even right before I went to sleep that night which was like 3 hours after I did that wipe. I smelled decent in the morning...just a little bit of the usual morning sweat. Well, the wipes work and I'll be using them at night before bed to keep the extra sweat/stank away.

Here's my routine now on the daily:

1. I must shower right in the morning to scrub up paying extra close attention to my underarms with a special Cetaphil body wash. It's a little expensive but worth it. I got mine at Rite Aid.

2. Use a high quality lotion that doesn't have too much scent on it. I like to round robin between Live Clean baby lotion and Shea Moisture for sensitive skin. I also have used aloe based hand repair creams. L'oreal Paris Hydra Genius has also made my rotation. Basically anything that is HIGH quality and not some frou frou body lotion from Bath and Body works filled with obnoxiously delicious scents.

3. Pure baking soda. Yup, I said it. It's the devil because it makes me itch like crazy from time to time and burns a bit. It's the ONLY thing that works for me sadly. You can use any brand honestly and a box is super cheap at Walmart. I beg of you though, use a blush makeup brush to lightly dust it on after you put on your lotion. I used to take my finger tips and rub it on thickly. DON'T DO THAT! I ended up with scaly, dark and leathery looking underarms after about 2 weeks of doing this straight. The light dusting with a makeup brush does the trick and only itches me lightly here and there. I'd rather be itchy and stank free though. My preference. You could also follow up with an anti-itch lotion like lotrimin.

4. And lastly which is now apart of my ritual every 2-3 days is to wipe my underarms thoroughly at night with one of these Game Face Grooming Deodorant wipes. It lets my underarms rest up from all the other stuff and keeps me fresh. It's $7.99 for a pack of 25 so you can probably wipe twice a day if you decide to just go deodorant free for the rest of your life but that would be kind of expensive to take on. Eh, if you compare it to the cost of "clinical deodorants" it's actually about the same.

So I hope this has helped anyone who's dealing with underarm odor. Even if you are a guy or a female. Just a shout out to anyone who is depressed about it...don't be. You can get over it by controlling it daily. Get into a routine that works for you. I did it and I feel better about myself. I feel better about wearing a short sleeve shirt or dress to family events. No one wants to be stinky.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to speak in the comment section. I'm here for you!

A big thanks to Game Face Grooming for the free sample hookup. Your wipes are awesome! 

Game Face Grooming

Visit their page here:

You can also find their cooling wipes on GNC's page here (For all you Gym Rats out there):

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**I was not paid for this post. I got a free sample of the Deodorant wipes to try and actually loved them so I decided to make a helpful post to people struggling with the same problem as me. I am powered by BrandBacker so thanks to them as well for the hookup**

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