Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A delicious introduction to the school year with Made Good Granola

I visit my local Wegmans frequently now that I am on a healthier diet with my family and am overwhelmed by all the new products I see weekly there. One product I haven't noticed yet are these granola bars/clusters. (I don't think my local Wegmans carries it yet) The boxes are bright and enticing so I knew they just had to be good.

A quick background on the product if you will. Made Good is made organic with vegetables. It's Non GMO, certified vegan, gluten free, kosher parve, made in a peanut tree free facility and has 9g of whole grains per serving.

They have 5 flavors. (Sorry one not pictured here is the Berry one). The Green box is Apple Cinnamon. The Brown box is Chocolate chip. The yellow box is Chocolate Banana. The Pink box is Strawberry.

I decided to conduct a taste test on these four flavors. I had my own two kids rank from their favorite flavors from a 1-4 in the order of the best one first. Their first reactions were good ones. I carefully gauged their faces as they ate it. I think they were surprised that something so healthy could taste so good. (My kids are 11 and 12)

So my 12 year old daughter liked 1. Apple Cinnamon, 2. Chocolate Chip, 3. Strawberry, 4. Chocolate Banana

My 11 year old son liked 1. Chocolate Chip, 2. Apple Cinnamon, 3. Chocolate Banana, 4. Strawberry

I think it was a big win with them as they asked for more after the taste test to bring back to their bedroom to snack on. They will also be taking these to school for lunch time snacking which I think is perfect. I feel good about letting them have this since the sugar content is relatively low and its a good portion size.

Here's the snack bowl in the kitchen. I always put snacks here that they are free to grab as they please. They are in love with Made Good and so am I. Thanks Made Good and Moms Meet for letting me try out these granola bars with my family. I will also be distributing packs to my neighbors that have a bunch of kids in their family and also my own family members from out of town.

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