Friday, September 2, 2016

Super Markers 100 Twin-Tip Broad-Liner Marker Set - Great for School

I think these markers are pretty decent. I love the large array of colors included and the fact that the gradient of each main color is there organized. I used them to color in an adult coloring book page and found that they did fine. I'm going to keep these around for my kids for when they need to do school projects. That being said let me explain. These markers do have a bit of a shedding problem when I first used them. I only noticed the shedding on the square tipped sides though. Also, the shedding problem isn't THAT bad. It was just a little here and there. I also want to state that if you truly want an exceptional top of the line marker then go get yourself a set of Copics(about $375 for a set of 72) or Prismacolors ( about $495 for a set of 156). Your artistic skill will determine about 90% of how well a marker or any medium can perform for you. I just want you to see that $30 for a set of 100 decent markers is pretty awesome. The colors are vibrant and beautiful.  #usartsupply

You can buy this wonderful set of 100 markers here on Amazon ($30)

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