Monday, August 15, 2016

The Social Stigma around Guns

I've honestly never seen a problem with guns or carrying. I just want to give a short piece of my mind when it comes to the issue. Why is self-defense not an issue when it comes to hand to hand combat but the minute a gun is mentioned then it's a big deal. I also want to point out that I don't own a gun myself because I just haven't made the time to go get a permit or buy one. It's a process for sure that I don't want to go through. Is it a simple process compared to getting other things? Sure!

There has been so much tragedy in the USA and all around the world with guns. We aren't hiding the fact that we probably use them the most here in America. We are proud of our guns and we stick to it. Then you have the Rio 2016 Olympic games and the American girl winning that competition. You have all the people who roll their eyes and say of course an American won it. We're all proud of her for winning it just like we're proud of all the TOTAL medals we have won so far. We're a competitive country. We take pride in our sports and games. It's big money to be good at sports in America as well. You can squeeze into great colleges for it. I will see the positives!

There's definitely nothing wrong with guns and if people mistreat or misuse guns then that's on them. We have all kinds of people in the USA mistreating guns all on their own thought process. We even have police officers abusing their power or making dumb split second decisions. It's just how it is and if we start banning guns it doesn't matter. It will always find a way into America. I guess all the bad guys will have access to them only and then what happens when they commit crimes? We won't be armed to defend ourselves. Who will be blamed then?

I will always stick to my guns and support all the healthy minded individuals carrying them. It's been in our country's history for many years. Our military needs them, our policemen need them and our law abiding citizens need them.

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Thanks for the love and I hope you , the reader, becomes a little more open minded about defensive carriers. Much love! #GunShirtsForWomen

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