Sunday, May 8, 2016

What's in Your Purse Tryazon Party

So I decided to bring over my products from the Tryazon party to my boyfriend's grandmother's place. We were doing a Mother's Day brunch and I found it was the perfect opportunity to talk about the products I got to try out.

I laid everything out and asked to see everyone's cellphones. I took out the Whoosh! screen cleaning spray and wiped down all the phones. Everyone was definitely impressed with how well it performed.

You can learn more about it here:

I then talked about the Brainstream SOI purse light. The females thought it was an interesting and helpful product to have in their bags. It's helpful for women who go out at night and need to see in their purse for makeup or keys. I think this light would also be great for males to keep in the trunk of a car. Everyone drives at night at some point and sometimes we have organized containers that could use a more direct lighting on it. I did demo it on my purse but I don't have much in my bag anyway which is why I gave out the two lights to the females who are always out at night. It's hard to tell but when its completely dark this little light shines the best.

You can check out the light here on Amazon:

I did not use the cucumber eye pads ( Amirose London ) but did give it to the eldest lady at the party. I felt like the product could help out with those pesky computer eyes lol. I thought it was cute that the pads had an actual cucumber look to them.

You can check that product out here:

It was definitely fun to talk about all this stuff and show it in action. I hope in the future that parties could include little samples I could actually give out for my guests. Everyone loved it! Thanks so much Tryazon!

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