Friday, May 13, 2016

Introducing Annie's Homegrown organic soup

I haven't seen these soups around before I got to try them out but now that I have I definitely have noticed them around a lot more in my shopping trips. I honestly was super surprised to find out that they carried a ton of Annie's products over at my local Walmart. I already knew I could find Annie's at Target and Wegman's but Walmart?! It's crazy how much they are evolving!

Anyway, MomsMeet gave me the wonderful opportunity to try out Annie's organic soups with my family. They also added some delicious cheddar bunnies, chocolate bites and peely fruit snacks. The soups sounded yummy. We got the star pasta and chicken soup variety plus creamty tomato and bunny pasta soup. I looked at them and thought they were small but once I dropped the carton of soup into a pot to make I saw how much was really in there. My daughter (12 years old)  tried out the chicken soup while my son ( 11 years old)  had the creamy tomato. Sometimes they can be picky but I knew they would love these soups since they already smelled great to me.

I dropped some bunny crackers into their soups. They both finished everything. They totally loved it. These boxed soups are becoming popular because of their taste and packaging. I personally love them more than canned soups. I think it's fantastic. I just really love all of Annie's food products. Everything is so wholesome and natural.

I totally recommend their pizza poppers. Even as an adult I can say these these taste so much better than pizza rolls I usually have. They taste more like a pizza and less processed. Their cookies were pretty good and my kids loved them. I'm happy because my kids liked something that's better for them. Their fruit peely snacks are also quite tasty. Annie's has an answer to most of the snacks you would question feeding to your kids and that's why I love them.

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