Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Home Party Spring 2016

So I got the chance to get into the Healthy Baby Home Party from Seventh Generation again and what a wonderful box it was! There were so many goodies to give out and try here at home. I took goody bags over to the guests for a Mother's Day celebration a little while ago. Everything was perfectly wonderful!

I just want to get into the purpose of the party real quick. Seventh Generation is a wholesome company devoted to making natural products you can be proud to use at home. There are so many chemicals these days in cleaning products when there doesn't need to be. Seventh Generation proves you can have top notch quality without all the filler. So I was able to share and pass down my knowledge of their products to my guests which was fun to do.

So there was the usual stuff like their free and clear baby wipes, laundry detergent, Zarbees, diapers and dish detergent. There were also some new things that I have noticed like Plum organics meal pouches, American Meadows wild flower seeds and a new Bobble water infuser bottle. There was a bunch of coupon packets which I included into the guest bags. These coupons are great to use at Target which is where I find Seventh Generation products the most.

I love Seventh Generation and what they stand for. I really do recommend picking up one of their products to try at home. If I had to pick one thing for you to try I have to say I would tell you to pick up a bottle of their amazing dish detergent. If you use a dish washer then I would say to try their clothes washing detergent. Hope you decide to give them a go and if you are already using their products you get an internet high five!

You can learn more about Seventh Generation products here on their site:

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