Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The best cruelty free thermal spray I have tried

Why do you need thermal spray for your hair? It's just a great heat protectant for it. If you find yourself flat ironing or blow drying constantly you will do plenty of damage over time without realizing it. Thermal spray is a great step in between that will make your hair look and feel better. It will make it look healthier as well.

I decided to try out this bottle of Argan Oil thermal protector spray from InstaNatural. Right away I can tell you that I love all the premium ingredients in this bottle. You can check out what's in the bottle below:

My hair is usually dry and frizzy without doing a thing to it so I make sure to include some sort of treatment while I do it. I often will use an oil on my hair right after I flat iron. This spray was used in my hair before using the flat iron. It works out pretty nicely and doesn't have any harsh obnoxious smells to it. What I really like is that it feels so lightweight and natural. There's nothing worse than touching your hair and then getting some sort of sticky feeling after.

With all these rich oils included in this wonderful spray there is no reason to even hate it. The spray nozzle works out well and I would definitely keep using it. My before and after shot of my hair shows you how well it smooths out hair and keeps the frizz away. I love it!

You can buy your own bottle of Argan Oil Thermal Protector Spray here on Amazon:

Feel free to check out InstaNatural's website here:

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