Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Buying your prescription glasses online with GreatEyeGlasses.com

Glasses are a thing that will be a big part of my life until the end. I have worn them ever since I was a young girl and will continue to. What's the bad thing about it for me? My vision gets progressively worse every couple of years. I'm 30 years old and my prescription is OD-Right -8.50 and OS-Left -9.00 . Once an eye's Rx is over -6.00, statistically, it is more likely to have future problems than an average one. I guess some people have worse prescriptions at my age but, yeah it is pretty strong and I would say stronger than the average.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about buying prescription glasses online. I have done it already before with another company and it went perfectly fine. I will say that every company DOES make every pair of glasses differently. So don't think you can go just anywhere with your prescription to get the same results because it will always be different. I think especially if you have a strong prescription like mine you have to be more careful as well.

So the company I went with was GreatEyeGlasses.com. They seemed very friendly and the whole process to check out was relatively simple. I think they have a wonderful selection but I would love to see a little more in the future as they grow. The possibilities are endless with what you can customize your glasses with. They have lens color shading if you want but I decided to go normal for mine. The only thing I decided to do was cut down the lenses as thin as possible. Believe me, if I didn't cut them down you would see how bad my vision was. I am so thankful for options like this at my prescription strength. So let me show you how the invoice might look for you when you order your pair of glasses. Also, make sure you have an updated prescription from your eye doctor before you order because you will need it.

The total came out to about $205 which is just a bit cheaper than what I am used to at Sears Optical. I think I paid like $250 for my last pair from them about 3 years ago. You also would have the bigger selection to work with online. The only thing you won't see here are the big name brands for prescription as you would at an in store visit. GreatEyeGlasses.com does carry Ray-Bans though. They have a nice selection to pick through.

The glasses style I went for was the Everson in Teal/Black . They also come in Red/Black and Clear/Black

They look exactly how it looked in the stock photo so that's a big plus. There's nothing worse than ordering something online and then it comes to your door looking completely different.

I also wanted to show you the difference between these glasses and another pair I ordered online not too long ago. I will also compare the black ones I have from my Sears purchase a while back.

I think the red frames seem to hide my thick lens a little better but I do love the wide frames of the Everson compared to the ones I got from Sears. I have received compliments on every pair of glasses I get. I must have good taste.

The big difference I notice from the glasses I got from GreatEyeGlasses.com compared to my other two is that the prescription actually seems crisper. Everything was magnified and beautiful. It actually hurt my eyes a little bit because I wasn't used to it being so amazing looking. I do keep my Sears glasses on full time but I hate having to push up my glasses constantly. The other two larger ones sit on my face better. I suggest finding the right shape of glasses for your face so it sits comfortably.

I loved the glasses GreatEyeGlasses.com has made for me and I can totally recommend them. My closing statement is to just make sure you try to do a little research before buying glasses online. Some companies can do the job right and others maybe not so well. Believe me when I say I have had a bad experience with glasses before locally at a large franchise store. (America's Best Eyewear) To make that long story short..they cut my lens the wrong way making it look like everything I was looking at in one spot of my glasses were swirled. "Your eyes need to adjust blah blah" Nah, I got my refund back real quick from them. What a nightmare!

Please check out this wonderful glasses making store and consider them for your next prescription purchase.


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