Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Starting out with Dungeons & Dragons

I've been dabbling in table top gaming for a while now. I started with PathFinder and I knew of Dungeons & Dragons since forever. The only thing that has turned me away from this classic game is the complexity of it all. It can be very particular in its rules. Anyway, I still love the game and hope to get into it at some point. I thought having some of the books on hand would be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about it before playing it.

I was able to try out and review this set of books from Golden Groundhog on Amazon. They always seem to have a ton of gaming accessories like card bundles, figurines and books.  It's just the best way to get seemingly brand new items at an affordable price. What I love the most is everything is in perfect condition with them. It's honestly no different than buying everything brand new except its a million times cheaper this way.

With this assorted book bundle of 5 you get plenty of materials to work with. You will always get the map pouch and campaign setting. The other 3 books you will get will be random. The books featured in this bundle are Dragonlance. They are a mixture of hardback and paperback.

You can't go wrong with the price for everything that you are getting. There are a ton of Dungeons & Dragons books out there so this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can probably look into more bundles with Golden Groundhog to make a more complete collection for yourself.

Check out the Youtube video I made below to get a more in depth look of what you could possibly be getting in your bundled purchase. Thanks for stopping by!

You can purchase this 5 set here on Amazon:

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