Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trying out Good Food Made Simple with Green Moms Meet

Ta-DA! Introducing Good Food Made Simple frozen meals. I found mine at my local Target but you can probably find them in other super markets like Wegman's. I picked out 4 to try out at home that I thought sounded good. I'm not a huge picky eater but I need simple foods as I do have my own eating problems. I feel like I have a mild case of Gastroparesis but that's another story. I do suffer from bad acid problems as well. I wanted something that wouldn't bother me while eating.

All the meals were good but my favorite had to be the lemon chicken. So a big thumbs up for this one. This is how it looks coming out of the box in its frozen state. I tried taking photos of it before and then after it was heated up in the microwave without mixing it around. I wanted to give the true essence of what you are going to get from freezer to your ready to eat bowl.

So here's the finished products:

It was fantastic and I felt like it was a generous amount of food. I was satisfied for a long while after eating it. (Mind you I eat like a bird and I weigh around 114 lbs at 5'3" so that may be biased who knows!)

Here's some of the other meals I had the pleasure of trying. The chicken black bean was fantastic. I think a bunch of companies seem to find it hard to make good rice and beans and as a hispanic person this is a staple at home. I think they nailed it pretty well. Nothing will ever be as good as home made but this was good for something quick and hot to have. The shredded chicken pieces were good.

Here's the next one. It's the steak and black beans. It was good but I'm always picky about frozen meal meats. I will say the positive is the meat wasn't chewy or fatty. It was good cuts but I just never seem to like them. I ate everything but pushed aside the meat.

And here's the last one I tried. This is the three pepper beef. This one had really good flavors. The only thing bad about this one for me was the immense heat on it. I couldn't handle the spiciness but ate through most of it because the sauce was quite tasty. If you can't handle really spicy meals I would probably stay away from this one. I feel like it needs a hot disclaimer on it somewhere to warn consumers.

Well, that was my personal sampling experience. I think their meals are fantastic and I recommend trying a few of them for yourself and your family.

Thanks Green Moms Meet and Good Food Made Simple -->

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