Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ozeri flameless stove lighter, Thermomax stackable lunch box and Curva artisan drinking glasses Review

I needed this for the gas stove in my downstairs apartment since it's an older model. You know the problem with gas stoves is they kind of make this clicking sound sometimes but the gas is still running. Well, I needed something to help ignite the fire safely without constantly using matches or other lighting devices which uses up batteries. This is really easy to use and all you have to do is squeeze the handle and hold the tip towards the gas. It will produce a small electric current that will light the stove burner for you easily.  I can conveniently keep this in the kitchen drawer and rely on it to work.

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This stackable lunch box is pretty awesome! My boyfriend has been on the Keto diet so this has been helping me to keep Keto friendly snacks for him packed away for his on the road job. Everything stays fresh and delicious. I can also use this on the weekends to put away a meal for him later on so he can have it conveniently. The clips on the side work effortlessly. Everything is pretty straightforward on it and the handles are a nice touch. We love this little green stackable box.

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These glasses are simply gorgeous! I love using them for entertaining. They all came perfectly bubble wrapped which I was happy about. You can use them for cold or hot beverages. My whole family enjoys them. I have not used them in a dish washer as I wash everything by hand but I would handle them with care. These glasses are just a must have for guests. Believe me when I say they will think they are neat and its a nice conversation starter.

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