Monday, May 22, 2017

My new Mikayo Saito Drapery set in Navy / Indigo

** New Photos will be pending soon! **

I got my drapery set in the Navy/Indigo color which was available through Amazon to purchase. I was very happy with them. They were neatly packaged and didn't have any wrinkles when I put them up on the drapery rod. They look fantastic in my front dining room. The material is thick and high quality. Even with a darker color you can get some natural light to pop in which I was happy with. I purchased two which was one for each side which worked out great for my wide front porch window attached to that front dining area. So lovely!

The photos are from when I unpacked my drapery set. I had to put them up in my computer room for now since the lighting in my front dining room is not the best. I'll update photos showcasing the draperies soon.

Check out Ash2Indigo's Site here:

You can also find them on Amazon:

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