Monday, April 17, 2017

Traveling with a small pet? Take the Fur Caddy with you

I usually don't travel much by air but I do often have cat and dog transports since I foster. It's always nice to have something light and airy for my car. My eyes are always peeled just in case I see an animal in need. Sometimes I find kittens outside and sometimes I just have to travel out to the vet.

Introducing the Fur Caddy! This lovely little bag can haul your small pet around comfortably. I tested this out with my foster kittens. They all took to it and loved laying in there. The bag itself is quite attractive (I'm partial to grey). The straps were sturdy and the bottom of it has nice grips.

I think I will be putting this in the back of my car for animal emergencies. Thanks to the Fur Caddy people for sending me out one for my fosters! Awesome company :}


You can buy this Fur Caddy pet carrier here:

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