Friday, April 28, 2017

A new scale for me to use for shipping eBay items out

So I recently loss the adapter plug for my old scale. Actually, I didn't lose it but my foster kittens completely chewed through it while I was asleep one night. It's okay , I totally forgive them. This scale could not have come around at a better time for me. Sometimes I have to ship stuff out when I sell on eBay. I usually sell small items like jewelry or figurines I find at my local thrift shops for cheap. This is something I NEED to have on hand to weight my packages/envelopes when I'm getting ready to ship it out to the customer. So here is my review of this wonderful scale.

I love this little scale but with it had a plug in feature with an adapter. It uses 3 (AAA) batteries which are included thankfully. I didn't need this for my kitchen but instead needed it for weighing boxed items that needed to be shipped out. This is pretty accurate and I have tried it with unopened products that had the ounces of the product on the label just to check. It was probably a couple of ounces over but you would have to take into account packaging weight of said product. The temperature feature is interesting but not needed. You do have to set the time when you first put the batteries in which is simple enough. I like to stick with the ounces but it will switch over to show the lbs if it goes over 16 ounces. It's so lightweight and has been very helpful for my purposes.

You can BUY this Ozeri scale here on Amazon:

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