Friday, February 17, 2017

What did we think of Luvo frozen meals

I made sure to let everyone in my immediate family try at least four different varieties. My 12 year olds both loved the chili chicken verde an the braised beef. I cooked them all in my microwave for 6 minutes like stated and they turned out perfectly. It was really easy to plate as the food slid out with ease. I couldn't believe how convenient it was to have a beautiful meal that tasted more home made than what I amused to eating. My son even said he preferred these meals over McDonald's and that's saying something. I did take off a star and that was because the price is a bit high for what it is. The meat content to everything else was low so my thinking is I could basically buy a full package of chicken for a couple more dollars. Each one of these meals cost $5.99 at my local Wegman's in Pennsylvania. These meals need to be a little more affordable to keep up with the other frozen meal competitors.

Feel free to indulge your eyes to a feast of photos I have taken of all the meals we have tried at home as a family.



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