Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Red-Blooded American Male - Photographs by Robert Trachtenberg

This book is something I usually don't tread upon but I couldn't help myself. First of all, that front cover was just too alluring to me. Who is Robert Trachtenberg? He's just the guy behind a bunch of really good photos you have seen everywhere from magazines to Netflix show covers. (Fuller House)

So the whole book is just as it states. It's all about famous American celebrities being staged in beautiful and thoughtful photo shoots. I had a bunch of favorites and the whole book is absolutely visually stunning. I have gotten a few laughs from some , smiles from others and looks of perplexity from a couple. There are small excerpts to explain the thought process behind each photo. These celebrities told the photographer what they wanted their photo to look like and he made it happen. Simple as that!

This book is fantastic and I find myself looking through it all the time. It's a great coffee table book to keep around for house gatherings. There's always going to be someone sitting down at the couch with nothing to do while food is being prepared or others are talking to each other. This is perfect for that curious being.(s)

You can buy this book here on Amazon for about $30 : https://www.amazon.com/Red-Blooded-American-Male-Robert-Trachtenberg/dp/

Here's a bunch of my favorite photos from the book below, enjoy!! A few faces you might recognize like Chris Evans, Jack Black, Tracy Morgan, Robin Williams, John Leguizamo, Bill Maher, Seth Rogan,Jimmy Kimmel, Bret Michaels, Neil Patrick Harris, Key and Peele

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