Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A special gift of handmade Bath Bombs

I don't take baths too often because I'm always doing something but I know I will have something special for when I finally have a bit of quiet time to myself. I wanted to check out these bath bombs from Tortuga Life on Amazon. I was quite surprised how beautiful the packaging was. I will definitely be re purposing the container to store things in my bathroom. (Maybe soap bars?) There are 6 wonderful heft sized bath bombs that come in the package. Also tucked into the center is a bottle of lavender essential oil soap. I have already smelled each and every one and all I can say is WOW! The whole thing just smells really delightful indeed. The lavender oil soap is subtle but a nice touch. I already broke one out to try and I'm very happy with it. I also didn't notice it leaving any type of funky residue or colors in my tub. That's a big plus! I'll try them all eventually but I was thinking this would be a fantastic gift idea. I know , bath bombs seem to be everywhere right now but this is seriously the prettiest packaging I have seen on any of them. I know whoever gets this as a gift would be totally happy with it! #TortugaLife #bathbombs #amazon

You can buy your own here on Amazon:

Check out larger pictures of it below:

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