Thursday, January 5, 2017

Men's Glass Soap Dispenser With Waterproof Labels by Milkweed Farms

I thought this was so awesome and had to share. It's so hard to come by a nice looking hand wash dispenser nowadays. It's targeted for Men but I think anyone can use it. We are a geeky household so I just had to put the Gunnar's Warrior Wash sticker on my bottle. The pump top uses smoothly and you could fit a nice amount of hand wash in here. It's kind of like something you could find on Etsy except it's sold on Amazon which is a big plus! Anyway, the whole family loves it so I'm very happy with it.

You can buy it on Amazon here:

Excerpt description from the page below:

  • Testosterone Boosting Decor For Your Throne Room-Use for Soap, Shampoo, or Bodywash
  • Amber Glass Bottle And Stainless Pump Comes With Three PVC Masculinity Affirming Decals
  • Great For Man Caves, Bars, Pubs, Locker Rooms, Garages, Gyms, or Anywhere Dirty Dudes Congregate
  • Perfect Manly Gift For Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day or Fathers Day
  • 16 oz Capacity Is Great for Homemade Liquid Soaps, Castile Soap, Or Your Favorite Brand

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