Saturday, January 21, 2017

My new set of ceramic Ozeri knives - Cooking with them everyday for quick prep

I've been using these knives for a while already and love them. They slice through kitchen prep work in no time. The handles are comfortable to hold and I prefer this over wooden handles. They have a nice and sleek look to them. The blade itself has not chipped on me as of yet. They also clean very easily (I hand wash my dishes). All the sizes have been useful but I find myself using the largest one the most for every task. I also use these knives on a quality wood cutting board. The knives have a set display they go into which is sold separately. That holder is really modern looking but is cute in its own way I suppose. I like to just keep my knives in the drawer personally. I'll continue using them as I seem to gravitate towards my ceramic knives for kitchen cooking.

You can buy these wonderful knives here on Amazon:

You can buy the stand for the knives here on Amazon :

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