Thursday, December 8, 2016

What we thought about Baby Mum-Mum Rusks

It's been so long and I wanted to have a little taste test with my own kids so I present to you, Baby Mum-Mum! I used to get these for my kids when they were babies and they loved eating them. They come in a few different flavors so here are three of them which are Apple & Pumpkin, Vegetable with Spinach, cabbage & Carrot and Original Rice. They also gave me a reusable water bottle bag. These are pretty cool to travel with so thanks!

I think I am more wary now of nutritional facts than I ever was in my life. I'm more than impressed by what I see. The ingredients are so simple and easy to understand. Anyway, I had my 12 year old daughter try them and she said she loved the apple & pumpkin variety. She has been bugging me for more as an after school snack every now and then. I think children and adults can enjoy these little biscuits. What's better is that they are individually packaged so they are great on the go.

My thoughts? Get these for your babies or toddlers over cookies like Oreos & Chip's Ahoy. Your kids can enjoy those sugar ridden things later on in life. Give them the best you can while you can. Baby Mum-Mum has always been a huge success in my life and my kids life.

Thanks Green MomsMeet and Hot-Kid for allowing my family, friends and group to try this awesome product out. The neighbors have been more than thrilled to give this snack to their little ones.

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