Monday, December 12, 2016

When you need throwaway craft paint brushes for hobbies

US Art Supply 20pc Assorted Paint and Chip Brushes

Are you like me and hate cleaning up after stained brushes? It's a nightmare cleaning that stuff off. I was thinking I could use the smallest ones for brushing my Quick Shade onto my miniature figurines. Some people like to dip their figurines in the Quick Shade but I prefer brushing it onto the spots I need it. I try to be careful so they don't get all goopy. Anyway, I find that these work perfectly for that purpose. The bigger ones are also nice for wood staining projects or even just regular painting. This whole set was about $10 which makes them really good for those one use projects. The handles are comfortable to hold as well. I can truly recommend giving these a look for your future projects/hobbies. #usartsupply

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US Art Supply 36 Pack of 1/2 inch Paint Brush

If you're interested in just the smaller brushes then you should go with the 36 pack. These are my favorite for the smaller projects like the miniatures and Quick Shade. Once again I found this set very hardy and surprisingly good quality.

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US Art Supply 12 Pack of 3 inch Paint

These are great for painting projects. I personally have used these larger brushes to redo furniture pieces. I didn't have any problems with the bristles shedding from them which is good. You can even wash and reuse these which I have already done. You can also throw them away after a use without feeling guilty about it since it's so affordable.   These are good for staining larger furniture pieces as well. I love all the ways I can use them!

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