Monday, November 14, 2016 , Stylish & Affordable Prescription Glasses for Men and Women Review

How cool are these glasses that I bought online from GlassesShop.Com!

I actually have a red pair of glasses from them for myself which you can see here on a post I made last year:

Those were more for women but this new pair I got for my boyfriend to wear which is for men. He had really old glasses from about 8 years ago but was using updated contacts. I told him it's time for something new. We went to Sears optical for the eye doctor appointment but opted to take the prescription with us to order glasses online

There were so many different styles to choose from so it was a little difficult to pick. They also had the option of prescription sunglasses but we went with regular prescription glasses. Ordering was quite simple and in the end we went with this lovely pair called BowlingGreen Rectangle in Black :

These frames were only $29.95 which is crazy cheap compared to the frame cost at Sears. 

Also, for an example I will let you know my boyfriend's glasses prescription ( RX)  numbers below

OD:           -3.25
Cylinder:    -0.50
Axis:          160

OS:          -3.00
Cylinder:   -0.50
Axis:         37

You also have to measure out your pupillary distance ( PD ) which can be a little tricky. His came out to 67.5 mm

There are ways you can measure it with charts online to make your life easier. You could also ask your doctor to do it for you before you leave your appointment. 

I just LOVE his new glasses and he loves them, too. No one should be afraid to order glasses online because it's easy and so affordable. You also have so many options to go with online. 

There is a special coupon code GSHOT50 you guys can use. This code means that you can have 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded). 

Try them out and see for yourself how awesome and easy it is to have affordable glasses that look great! 

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