Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tone® Petal Soft with Pink Peony & Rose Oil


 Hey guys! I wanted to talk about this body wash I got to try for free with BzzAgent. I really was excited to try this out because quite honestly I don't use body wash that often. This was the perfect opportunity for me to try something risk-free. 

I think I have just had bad experiences in the past with bad body washes that were so thin and you just needed so much on the sponge to get clean or even feel like it did something. I think that I will just first and foremost go for bar soaps because I feel like they clean me better. You know what's cool is this company has their bodywash and they have the same scent available in soap bar form.

Alright look at this cute pink bottle. It's so adorable lol. I'm totally just staring at this picture and my hands look so tiny holding it. It's dwarfing me. Well, that tells you that there is a lot of body wash in there for your buck , which by the way costs $3 normally at Walmart. Tone always comes out with coupons for their products so you can get it for less which is a great deal.

When I even took this bottle right out of the box I could smell is already. The scent is strong but not in a bad way....its very pleasant.  When you pop that cap open its simply delightful. I used it in the shower that same night and loved it. It's so thick and makes a great lather. You don't need to put too much. The big problem I have with body washes is you can't really smell them on your skin after you used it. I could still smell this on me after I used it. 

I'm very happy with it and will continue using it. I really am interested in trying their bar soap though so I will pick that up in the future. I also gave coupons to my family so they could try it as well. I know they are big users of Caress so this was a good opportunity for them to try something new.

Thanks BzzAgent and Tone for allowing me to try this body wash for free...I love it and I know my family will too.

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