Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My new Circle Contact Lenses from + Red Anime Contact Lenses for Cosplay Fashion Purposes

I got to try out these amazing circle contact lenses from and they are so much fun! provides a bunch of crazy cool contact lenses for your personal tastes. They make your eyes look bigger and prettier. It's a lot more prevalent in the asian community but just about anyone can pull them off as long as you get the right color for your face. I tend to try and go for a more natural look so I went with a light brown color since my eyes are dark brown.

Look at all the cool extras I got. They came with a case for them and a cute furry zebra and spotted cow carrying case. The contacts themselves were really easy to put on and felt absolutely comfortable. It's funny because I just recently went to the eye doctor to get prescribed contacts. I can tell you that these fashion contacts made in Korea feel a whole lot better than the ones I was offered. For some reason the Acuvue's do not feel that great in my eyes plus they are so hard to take off. I only wish these Circle Lenses came in my prescription strength so I could wear them all the time. These contacts are good for normal wear but for all you Cosplay people out there these are it. Getting the right eye color when cosplaying your favorite anime/manga/video game character is pretty much that finishing touch that will make your character come to life.

For every two pairs of contact lenses you order you will get a random cute animal case for your lenses. I got the cute pink bunny case and I really do love it. You can see them all here:

I have gotten so many compliments on these lenses.These contacts are from the Cafe Series if you're interested in these. You can find them here:  . They are $29.95 but they are Quality lenses. I have tried different fashion lenses and they were so uncomfortable and hurt me so bad I had to take them out almost immediately. These are just perfect.

The red lenses are more for unnatural but meant to be for cosplay/anime or just Halloween costuming purposes. If you're into the Goth/Vampire scene this might work out for you as well. These are called the Red Anime Contact Lenses. You can find them here:

They cost $29.95 as well. I did experience seeing a little bit of red out of the corners of my vision but it wasn't enough to discourage me from wearing them. I think this would be fine for a convention of sorts or a night of Halloween but that's about it.

This company is great and I would highly recommend them since they have high quality lenses. These are things you are putting into your eyes so you have to be careful to choose the right company.

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