Thursday, November 12, 2015

Golden Groundhog 1000 Assorted World of Warcraft Trading Cards With Rares and Foils

I've been playing World of Warcraft for 10 long years now and I honestly enjoy everything about it. These cards are amazing to have even if you don't play the trading card game. I already know most of all the lore and have seen a lot of this card art in the new app game based off of this called Hearthstone. All of the cards here are in excellent condition and would be great to make plenty of decks with. It's a big mix and match from many of the different themed packs they have put out throughout the years. I will point out that you shouldn't expect surprise loot cards (For in game vanity items EX: Spectral Tiger Mount)  in here because they weren't present in my lot and I doubt they intend to include those. Nonetheless, I was very happy going through all my wonderful cards and reading through various flavor texts. I may end up taking all the card clones and doing geeky crafting with them. You'll love this lot for sure if you're a big Blizzard fan. #GoldenGroundhogWOWLots

  • 1000 Assorted World Of Warcraft Cards!
  • Includes Rares & Foils!
  • Cards Are Near Mint/Mint!
  • Great Variety!
  • A Lot of Cards For Cheap

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