Monday, June 17, 2013

Epica Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

I got the chance to review these stainless steel drinking straws by Epica. I thought these were so cool when I saw them and I never saw anything like them.

  I'm sure everyone is aware of all the tacky plastic straws out there that are sold at a bunch of bargain stores. I never really was interested in those because it just looked kiddy. I'm sure it might be visually stimulating for a child but children bite on those things like no tomorrow and then they end up looking terrible and you have to just throw them out. There goes your $1-3 wasted. Also, it can be dangerous if your child bites off the plastic from the straw and just ingests it.

You don't have to worry about them breaking bits off the straw and eating it but you do have to watch them because who knows they might take this thing and decide to ram it up their nose or down their throat for whatever reason. (I know its ridiculous sounding but I am sure kids have done things like this because they weren't being watched over.)

It's marketed for children as well as adults but I can really see this being more for adults. I really like the sleek look and it would look awesome being served with drinks.

It comes with a small pipe cleaner type brush. So it's really easy to just wash in your sink manually or if you have a dishwasher they are dishwasher safe.

Here's a neat idea that I thought would be cool to do. I put them all in my fridge so they would be cold when I used them in my drink.

It's a refreshing combination when it's put together in a nice glass of drink with ice.

Doesn't that look awesome? Reminds me of those fancy colored drinks at nightclubs. This is just a blue sports drink though. Wouldn't this look cool at your next social gathering to serve to guests?

Is it approved by my cat?

Ah, yes kitty approved. Even cats love Epica Stainless Steel straws!

You can buy them through Amazon right here:
 $9.95 will buy you the set of four straws and save you money in the future while styling up your next drink!

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  1. Great review! Look so cool, I going to check those <3