Thursday, June 13, 2013

AMDRO® PowerFlex® Pest & Weed System


I was so excited when I found out from BzzAgent I was getting to try the Amdro Powerflex for free. I was having some ant problems in the kitchen and the weeds were starting to really bloom out in my yard and around my home.

My cat was really intrigued by this new toy. Please take care to keep your pets away from this or any type of chemical. This stuff is only okay after it dries on the surface. I already used it once before this picture so he probably was smelling the lingering chemical scent I had to keep pushing him away from it. 

There's many different types of cartridges for many different types of jobs you may need done. 
The Home Pest Indoor Insect Killer Concentrate kills 40+ insects. The Yard & Perimeter Outdoor Insect Killer Concentrate kills a whopping 200+ insects. The Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate kills over 200+ types of weeds. The Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate kills 150+ weeds, grass and brush. 

This is the top of the spray gun where you push in and twist the cartridge. 

This is what the cartridge looks like when you open the top up. It's like a rubbery stamp. It just pierces a tiny hole into it so that it can draw the concentrated liquid through the spray gun to mix it with the water that you fill the plastic canister with.

Here's the side walkway of my house leading to the backyard. I took a few more pictures of everything before I started.

Here's the front of my home. Looks pretty bad.

This is a part of my yard.

Alright so let me tell you a little story about what happened. I was filling up the system with the water and testing it out in my bathtub before I took it out to make sure it would work. I held down the little spray button for like 5 minutes and nothing came out. I soon figured out that my Powerflex was defective. I was extremely upset. I opened up the spray gun and tried to see if anything was wrong inside but nothing got it to work. And so I went with my plight to the company and they said they would send me another. Well, they sent me another one and it works but they got back to me sooooo late. It was about a week and half before I got to use it and then wouldn't you know it rains the next day after I use it. I can't believe how rotten my luck was with this. It has been raining so much over here in North Eastern Pennsylvania. I really lost hope on getting to use this properly before my campaign was up. 

My cat is very saddened by this as well. What a wonderful product if I could have more time and better weather to actually use it.

One more con I found ..and no, not that my cat wants to eat my finger off.  The battery life was terrible. I used it for maybe about 4-5 minutes and by the time I got to the yard and back again the batteries ran so low. I don't know if it was because the batteries were a no name brand kind but it was really really bad. If you're going to try this I would replace the batteries they come with or have the replacement ready because its just not going to last very long at all.

I did have some $4 coupons my campaign came with and I will be placing them next to the Amdro for future customers. Everything can't always be so positive and perfect and would I personally recommend this? Not really. HONESTLY, I think I would love this thing if it wasn't a battery operated sprayer. If you can deal with the crap battery life and possible defection of your product when you buy it then go for it. This is great for older people so they don't have to keep pumping a sprayer manually.

Here's my wet yard. The rain is being so relentless lately.

Overgrown and weeds are here to stay for now. I'll rip them out as soon as the crappy weather decides to go away.

But one thing I can say is that the ants are gone from my kitchen. So good job on that!

Very glad I had the opportunity to try this out but didn't really work out for me. Thanks Amdro and BzzAgent for letting me try another product!

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