Thursday, May 2, 2013

Seventh Generation

I got the chance to check out all these products courtesy of Smiley360. All these products are gentle and hypoallergenic that are designed with you, your family , and the environment in mind. The packaging for these products feel awesome.

The one thing that I wanted to try right away was the Mandarin refreshing facial cleansing cloth. It's the same standard size as usual facial cleansing cloths. ( 6.2" x 7.8") It smells so GOOD! I mean if you don't mind smelling like a gentle touch of oranges. It's quite nice. My face feels clean and fresh like I just washed it.

Moving on , I tried the the lavender moisturizing lotion. I tried it on my feet because they get dry on the top. I think I am secretly a reptilian creature because I have a rough dry spot on the top of my left foot. Okay so it feels nice going on and it's not super sticky but the smell...hmmm. Yes, it smells very lavender-y if that's a word. It's just not pleasant to me.

I haven't used the bodywash yet but it's the same scent as the facial cloth and i am sure i will love it.

There's a baby shampoo and wash here that I haven't touched either. I don't even have a baby right least not a human baby.

Here's a picture of my non human baby, Rusty. Isn't he the cutest?! Okay, moving on.

Oh! The baby shampoo & wash and the baby lotion is made with extra virgin olive oil. By the way, I am trying these products right now at my desk as I am typing this. So let me just open this baby lotion packet. It doesn't really smell like anything at all. But it goes on so smooth. I love how these products aren't leaving me with any sticky residue because I hate that so much. Some people have sensitive skin and this stuff would probably be perfect for them. Just because it says baby lotion on it doesn't mean you have to use it on a baby.

I'm convinced the baby wash probably doesn't have a smell since the lotion didn't. That's okay I suppose if you don't want strong scents to emanate from you.

The natural 4x laundry detergent has a picture of an octopus on it. I am definitely going to use this for a handwash on my undergarments.

I think I loved the cleansing cloths the most. Great products if you are looking for a natural and mild alternative to the chemical ridden other products out there.

Thanks smiley360 and Seventh Generation! If you're interested to purchase this stuff you can find it at,,,, Walgreens and I am pretty certain I have seen this stuff at my Target.

For a list of retailers and more information on these products click here:

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