Thursday, May 9, 2013

OxiClean 2in1 Stain Fighter with Color Safe Brightener

I got the chance to try OxiClean 2in1 Stain fighter plus Color Safe Brightener Liquid courtesy of Smiley360 for free. Most of us have heard of OxiClean from the television infomercials ( Thank you Billy Mays RIP). I've always wondered if this stuff actually did what they showed on tv.

 I love trying new detergents as I just got the chance to try Woolite and Seventh Generation detergents not too long ago for free as well. I'm still hand washing certain pieces of clothing so that's how I took my approach to this experiment.

So the experiment I was doing was to take a few pieces of different kinds of clothing and do before and after shots to see how dramatic the results would be. I actually did the same thing with the Woolite. This time I will show some of my process a little better in detail.

This is my striped tank top before shot. Little Rusty always needs to get involved in my reviews. He loves the attention.

This is a dirty white shirt with visible underarm sweat stains. This is the reason I can't buy too many white tops.
This is a pink shirt with some underarm sweat. Yes, my clothing is notorious for that. @__@

Alright well, I filled up my bathroom sink with warm water and put in some of the detergent. This stuff smells very nice. Did I like the smell better than the Woolite? Nah..but it still smelled very good.

I let the clothing soak in the detergent for like 2 hours after I scrubbed them.

Here's the nasty dirty water after I took out the clothing.

Alright and now on to the after results.

I really think it brightened up the colors on my tank top. They look deeper now. I love it! Almost looks like from when I first purchased it years ago.

 Lighting is a little bad on the frontal shot but there it goes to the right with proper lighting on it. Look at how it cleared up the underarm sweat!

Here's the pink shirt. Once again it cleaned up the underarm sweat.

Overall, I am very happy at the results for brightening up my clothing and taking out dirt. I didn't have any grass stains or food stains on my clothing but I am sure if it cleaned out the underarm sweat it can clean that stuff out too. Just make sure to pretreat the stain before you stick it in the water or your washer. Works wonderfully! I am glad I had the chance to try this stuff out for free and will recommend it to anyone who has a problem with pit sweat stains like I do.

For more information on this product you can go to this link provided:

Check out these OxiClean videos! Thanks for reading my review. :)


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