Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Palmolive Soft Touch

I received this package of Palmolive Soft Touch dish liquid by surprise. Well, I knew I was getting the package but they didn't tell me what it was going to be. I got it free from Influenster. Influenster has given me all types of free goodies in exchange for my honest feedback. You can sign up by clicking my Influenster button to the right of this page.

I've heard and seen Palmolive products in the store every time I would go shopping over at Target. To be honest, I always have thought as Palmolive to be the inferior brand to all the others. I am a big believer of Dawn and that's the brand I would always buy. More times than any other i have always found coupons and sales for it as well. Step up your game on those coupons Palmolive! :p

Of course, I am  a big believer of trying something if it's free or cheap. I wanted to conduct my own little experiment as well. I wanted to see how my nails and hands would look after I washed the dishes. It's a big no-no to paint your nails before dishes but I did it on purpose.

I picked the pink one to try because aloe doesn't really sound all that great to me. What's weird is when I opened this stuff it smelled like citrus to me. I don't know why but yeah that's the only way I can describe it. Not too much of a strong scent either. I hate when I wash dishes and you can really smell the liquid detergent that was used on it. Well, there goes my nails all painted up ready to wash some dishes.

There goes my pile of dishes. I left them all there waiting for Miss Palmolive. It's hard to see the mess on my plates because my plates are black. Black nails , black dishes....what can I say I love black and no I am not some dreary goth person lol. Black to me is just good modern taste. I do love the pink color of Palmolive though. It's so feminine and cheery.

Here's the liquid. Not too thick but not too thin either. I really hate when detergent is super liquidy because then it takes a lot of it to wash dishes.

Check out that lather. Just how I like it!

That's scrambled eggs that I cooked in that pan. You know how bad that stuff can stick onto your pans. Palmolive took it right out and it didn't even take any hard work to do so.

Look at how squeaky clean it left it after just a minute of cleaning it up. This stuff is amazing!

I loved how clean it left my dishes! It's staying right on top of my sink in front of my other dish liquid I was using before. It looks prettier in my kitchen, too. :}

My hands feel great and my nail polish didn't even take a hit. Rusty the cat approves also. >(^__^)<

Going to share these great coupons with my family and friends so they can try it out too. I think I will be greedy though and keep one for myself. I really want to try the coconut one. It sounds like it would smell so nice.

Thanks Influenster and Palmolive.

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