Monday, October 7, 2013

New color contacts from

My eyes are naturally dark brown. I can't say I have ever been too thrilled with this. I find them kind of boring and a bunch of people have them.

Sometimes they almost look black.

Anyway, thank goodness there is the option of colored contact lenses. There are so many different kinds you can get nowadays.

I got the chance to check out some green colored contacts from
These are the ones I got. They are called Freshtone lenses in Jade Green. I think these lenses mix with your natural eye color. They didn't look that bright on me.  They cost $39.99.

The order went through quickly and seamlessly. They actually were mailed from Lancaster, PA which isn't far from me because I am in Pennsylvania as well so they came within a couple of days.

Here's the box the lenses were packaged in.

Here is the packaging the lenses were in more specifically.

Here's how I look with the contacts in. I love how they look. It's not too dramatic. It makes it look more natural to me. Now that definitely does not look like the color depicted on the website. I think the model must have really light eyes or something and its blending in. Nonetheless, it looks really nice. I am not used to contacts because the last time I had worn them was probably 15 years ago so it was a little weird slightly uncomfortable feeling. I would put them on at least twice a week to get used to them or even more if you aren't a contact wearer.

Here is a close up shot. It looks like a dark deep green to me.

They have a bunch of fun colors on their site. Maybe you need a different eye color for a cosplay or costume dress up you'd like to do. They have different shades of every color.

Check out their website and take a look around if you are looking for a fresh new look for yourself or even need a new eye color for Halloween!

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