Monday, September 23, 2013

Symbiotics® Colostrum Plus

I got the opportunity to try out Symbiotics Colostrum plus through MomsMeet. I always do a group meet up with the moms and kids to try things out and then I will take the products again later on to try in my own privacy. I received three products. The first product was this VeganSmart All-In-One Nutritional shake in Vanilla. I love vanilla shakes so I thought this would be good. I am not a vegan though. I was very skeptical about trying this....especially in water.

Here's how it looks inside. Doesn't look very appetizing and smelled kind of funny. But I proceeded onward to try it.

I mixed it with water like it said to do. I'm just going to be honest and say it tasted simply disgusting. I could barely stomach it. I wanted to give it another try with some milk. I know vegans don't drink milk but I am not a vegan. It tasted bearable after I mixed it with 2% milk. I highly suggest getting some vanilla soy milk if you are a vegan to mix this in because with water it's nasty.

Next I tried these Symbiotics Colostrum wild cherry chewables. To me they almost tasted like Flintstone vitamins. I think these may just be a little more chalkier. The aftertaste it gives is a little unpleasant but alright.

All the kids liked this the best. I think this would be great to have around for both kids and adults.

Next I tried the Symbiotics Proline Rich Polypeptides with Colostrum plus. It smelled good to me.

I immediately got the smell of Klim. It was a powdered whole milk I would have when I was younger that tasted delicious. I mixed this stuff with water first to try. I wouldn't recommend having it with water because it didn't taste good. I then took 2% milk and mixed it and it was good like that/.
That's how it looked mixed with water.

This is how it looked with the milk.  Looked tastier to me.

I think these are all beneficial products to have to make a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family but I would not touch that vegan shake ever again. The chewables will be finished and used here at home with my family and the colostrum mix will be put to use in milkshakes. I'm very happy as always to have the chance to try new things with my group , family and friends. Thanks MomsMeet and Symbiotics!

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