Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kashi Sea Salt & Olive Oil Hummus Crisps

So I the chance to try out these hummus crisps by Kashi courtesy of BzzAgent. I have had a few things from Kashi before and they aren't terrible. I really like the packaging and colors used. To me it signifies something simple and pure. While I am not a huge health nuts I do really enjoy healthy snacks genuinely. I love to snack on granola bars and fruit. I am always looking for a good healthy snack my kids will also enjoy because they are always hungry.

The chip itself is very light and airy. Almost like a nice thin potato chip but with a bit more texture.
Alright so lets talk about what I thought about the taste. Let me start with I am NOT a picky person. I can appreciate healthy things. This chip has a very nice crunch to it. The taste? The seasonings were there though I thought it could use more of a punch. It was really bland to me. It kind of tasted like slightly seasoned crispy cardboard chips. I didn't stop eating them though lol. I kept popping them. If I had to really watch my health believe me I would be able to eat these no problem.
I tried to offer it to my cat Rusty.

I think he was angry with me for offering him chips. My cat is a garbage disposal and eats weird things. He did grab the chip in his mouth but he dropped it and sniffed it but turned his nose up at it lol. I just found it funny.

I think I had half the bag( I was starving when I got my package.) I offered one to my daughter but she looked at me like I had three heads after she sniffed it and said nah. My son loves to try everything like me...He is the adventurous one. He took it and ate it. I asked him what he thought and he said it was good. I gave him the rest and he finished it. I suppose this is very kid friendly then...maybe. I would say take a chance and get it for your kid to see if they like it because its a very healthy alternative to a bunch of garbage chips that's out there...while they may be delicious (Lays chips you rock my world).

Thank you BzzAgent and Kashi for letting me try these chips! I will be giving away these Kashi coupons to family and friends who are interested in trying them.

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