Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tristan & Eve Jewelry

I decided I would write about a ring I purchased for my boyfriend on Amazon. I love my boyfriend very much and wanted to give him something nice. I guess kind of like a promise ring. We've been together for almost 3 years now.

I came across this company on Amazon called Tristan and Eve. They have so many beautiful pieces of jewelry at prices that agree with the wallet. I am a firm believer that things don't have to cost an arm and a leg to be perfect and worthy of someone. If it looks good and you think its perfect for the person then go for it!

The ring I got for him is made out of titanium and has cubic zirconias on them. Yes, they are fake diamonds but they are pretty nonetheless.

The ring came in a nice little black velvet pouch. I thought it was a classy touch.

I really like the ring for myself quite honestly. It actually fits quite nicely on my thumb. (Size 10)
It's a Mens ring but I think it looks quite neutral so a woman can flaunt it as well. It fits on smoothly. I am very surprised at the quality of this ring considering it only cost $18.99! Yes , that's right...this ring was only $18.99. You can pretty much find a bunch of cool things on Amazon for cheap these days without quality being sacrificed.

It's hard to see because I am using an Iphone to take these pictures. ( Sorry, I am no professional photographer lol) They have their company logo etched right in the inside of the rings.

Here's the ring on my boyfriend's middle finger. I did buy it for his ring finger but I had to go up to a size 10 because there wasn't any half sizes and he was a 9.5 for that finger. I think the "diamonds" make it look more feminine so if I was a guy I would turn it around like so. doesn't that look more manly? I love it.

You can buy the same ring here on Amazon

You can check out all their other jewelry here

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