Thursday, April 11, 2013


Woohoo!! My Woolite samples from Crowdtap came today! I will be trying these out and distributing the rest to some neighbors, friends, and family members.

I will admit I have never tried this detergent. Why? The cost. You do get what you pay for sometimes though, so keeping that in mind I will see if it is what it's all hyped up to be. I will not rag on prices though because I am a couponer and I have seen plenty of coupons around for this product so if you really like a product that costs a little more than what you are used to paying for it just try to find some coupons for it.

                                          Here's a picture of all my samples to give out. :)

I will give my opinion on the product after I try it out tomorrow for myself and see what other people think about it, too.

I'll leave you with a link to Woolite's awesome edgy commercial that was directed by Rob Zombie.
Enjoy! :}

Alright so here's my update! I tried out the Woolite everyday detergent. I am pretty much hand washing necessities right now because the new washer I just purchased is out of commission until I get the hookup put in the basement. It gets clothes just as clean but is just so tedious and tiring. I hung the clothes up to dry in the yard on my clothesline.

I selected a few boxers for my boyfriend and picked out a pair of my dirty Hello Kitty socks just so its easier to see the difference between dirty and clean with pink socks. Here's a shot of my dirty clothes before I washed them.

I walk around on my wood floors with my socks on so yeah they get pretty's actually kind of embarrassing to show this but its the only way lol.

I washed the clothing in hot water. The smell of this detergent is amazing. It's not an overpowering masking scent of flowers or just smells like GOOD. It's really hard to describe. Maybe it is what fresh smells like. The liquid is thick but not too thick and it's not too is just in the middle where its perfect. It was a very pleasant experience hand washing with this stuff.

It was a beautiful day out yesterday when I hung them out to dry on the line. Nice little breeze. Here's my end results with one less boxer because my boyfriend used it right away.

I don't know why my pictures turned that way but I can't fix it. You can see for yourself how clean my socks turned out. The clothes smell so good too. I will definitely be purchasing this detergent when it's on sale. The only thing that bothers me about this stuff is the price when it's not on sale. Woolite everyday detergent is about $9 at Walmart for 50 fl ounces. It states it can do 25 loads with that amount.  When you really break it down per wash I suppose it is worth it but if you're on a budget then just hang tight for sales to match with coupons and stock up. I really like the smell of Gain's apple mango tango BUT that stuff is about $6 for the same 50 fl ounces which IS cheaper but I really believe the Woolite gets your clothes cleaner with a pleasant scent.  Overall, I would recommend this detergent as it works hard to get your stuff clean.

Thank you Crowdtap and Woolite for letting me try such a wonderful product. The rest of my samples have gone out to good homes to try out for themselves.

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