Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Old Navy Clothing

I love shopping for clothing as most females do so when I saw an opportunity through Crowdtap to get to try Old navy clothing for free I jumped on it.

 I have not shopped at Old Navy very often in the past but here and there I went. I actually own two dresses and some flip flops from their shop.

 I think their dresses are the cutest selection. I don't really go in for jeans because I am an odd size and they don't have that perfect fit for me. 

So in the mail I got a coupon for myself and a friend to redeem a pair of their white jeans. I mailed the "friend" coupon to my little sister two hours away from me in New Jersey. She is super trendy and really knows how to make outfits pop. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

I went to the store with my boyfriend and the jeans were right up front. There were so many different kind of fits and styles. I never knew white jeans could be worn that many ways lol. To tell the truth I did not even own a single pair of white jeans or white bottoms at all. I was always afraid I would dirty them quickly.

My eyes floated over to the RockStar super skinny jeans. I like my jeans low rise.

I could not find my size in jeans. I am that weird size 3 which is really hard to find. I took a size 4 and tried them on in the dressing room. I figured it wouldn't be that bad since they stretch to fit over your curves.

This is me in their dressing room. It was kind of cold that day so I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and my black leather jacket. I was excited and thought they looked amazing with what i was wearing. I am a big fan of neutrals with white. They didn't fit me exactly how I wanted but it was the closest one i could take with me without it being super tight.

So a couple days later it was really nice outside. I wanted to wear my new white skinny jeans out so i tried on two shirts with it. ( Sorry my mirror is smudged and I used my Ipod to take these pictures so they aren't as good as i took them in the store with my bf's Iphone >__<; )

 I couldn't choose between my grey/brown top or a blue top. They first one makes it look dressy.

The blue top makes it more casual so i went with the blue top. I actually felt so beachy the whole day with this outfit. I wore it with plain black flip flops I got at Old Navy last year.

These jeans were $36.50 and they had a bunch of different styles and sizes in stock so go in and get a pair. It's different than wearing blue jeans and you can wear it so many different ways. Overall, I am happy about having this in my wardrobe. I'll post the picture from my sister once she gets her jeans. :}

Here's an update picture shot of my sister in her Old Navy white jeans. She got the flirty one.

Thank you CrowdTap and Old Navy!

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