Friday, April 19, 2013

Children's Claritin Allergy

I received my Children's Claritin Allergy tablets courtesy of BzzAgent for sampling. Here's a picture of what came.

I was going to wait to have my kids (nieces and nephews) try them out once I sense them sniffling but I decided to try them out for myself first. I always suffer from allergy related sniffles and runny nose. It's the worst when I wake up in the mornings. On the directions on the back of the box I read ADULTS and children so I guess we can use them too. I was wondering if they would possibly be less effective for adults. I only weigh about 110 so I am not too much on the heavy side so I guess I could pass for a child anyway :p . Well, I took two of the tablets as directed. Here's a shot of how the tablets look.

I am not very fond of grape but it actually tasted pretty good. It didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth at all. I timed it to see how fast it would work after I took it. Took about 30 minutes for me to feel the difference in my nose. I love it for myself. I'm like 95% sure my kids will love it too. They take disgusting Nyquil like champs so this would be a pleasure to consume for them lol. Really love this stuff and if I had to rate it from 1-10 I would give it an 8.5. Thank you BzzAgent and Claritin for letting me try this stuff out! I will make sure to give out my coupons to friends and family.

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