Monday, January 11, 2016

Trying Out Lime Crime Perlees in Asphalt

I was absolutely excited about getting to finally try out a Lime Crime lip color. I have seen Lime Crime around all over my social media feeds and fell in love with the beautiful colors.

Lime Crime has this wonderful new collection of lip colors called Perlees. It's marketed as a matte pearl lipstick color. Bridging the gap between matte and metallic, PERLEES offer a soft pearlescent glow reminiscent of dusted pearls. Pigmented, lightweight formula clings to lips for an all-day wear, without drying them out. Easy-on, easy-off. Lush floral packaging reveals a bouquet of 90s-inspired shades - a real treat for lipstick lovers looking to enhance their collection with something different!

I decided to go with the color Asphalt which is kind of like a burnt dark brown color. (Look up) It's the last color to the right. I figured a nice dark brown would look pretty good with my skin tone. I just want to comment that the packaging for the lip stick is really cute. I love all the vintage looking roses all over it.

I was really surprised on how smooth the lip stick applied. It was also nicely pigmented. The lip stick also kind of smelled like chocolate which was pleasant. It showed dark but I think you would need to add some sort of primer to get that almost matte look to it. I just put on some lip balm and then the color on top. The color kept through the day and when I was ready to take it off it easily wiped with a baby wipe. This color is pretty but I would attribute it more for a bold look. This is more suited for that vamp look. A lot of people seemed to like the way it looked on me so I was happy with it. I would definitely consider using different colors from this same line since the quality was a bit higher than what I am used to from typical affordable brands. #Perlees

Well, there goes your three different styled looks. The lip color can so work with anything. I think it's pretty cute and hope to try more of their products sometime.

You can buy Lime Crime's Asphalt on Amazon for $18.00 here:

You can also check out Lime Crime's Website here:

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