Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ozeri Weightmaster II Bathroom Scale

I got to try out this brand new product from ModernaHouseWares. They sell a bunch of Ozeri brand products which are just spectacular in my opinion.

This is the WeightMaster II. It's a digital scale The top part where you put your feet is made with Microban which is a company that provides antimicrobial product protection. This awesome scale calculates your BMI and let's you know when you have lost (green back light) or gained weight ( red back light.) There are profiles for every person in your family to input your height and it's pretty simple.

It's very sleek and would look great in any bathroom. You can't go wrong with black. The buttons on the touch screen are very responsive and easy to use.

I really love how my bathroom floor peeks through the glass in the middle. It's very comfortable to stand on as well.

There are rubber bottomed feet to it so it will stay put wherever you decide to place it.

To get this scale started all you have to do is pull the tag out from behind it. I think its a nice little safety precaution so the batteries don't waste by mistake. It's packed very well so I don't even think that would happen anyway.

Here I am showing you the awesome blue screen. I love how easy it is to read everything. You can see to the left I am Person 1 and it will change to whoever you set for the profile. You can see my weight displayed and my BMI for my weight and height together. According to BMI charts I am at a healthy weight. Yay!

I'm in love with this scale. My boyfriend is currently using it daily to keep good track of his weight loss progression. He's actually working with these pills called Garcinia Cambogia which I will be reviewing soon because they are excellent. This scale is just perfect for the person who is on a serious diet and looking to keep track of their progression through precise numbers.

You can purchase this Scale through this link here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00J46SX5U

** I was compensated in no way to give my honest unbiased opinion on this product other than receiving this product for free to try out for review. **