Monday, January 13, 2014

Venus Embrace Sensitive

Venus Embrace Sensitive

Wow its been a while Influenster! I really thought I was in a complete dry spell from them. I didn't quite get a voxbox because I don't consider this a box of goodies..nonetheless, I am thankful I did get to try out this razor. 

I love Gillette razors! I am very familiar with the Venus although I am more familiar with the Fusion Proglide because it's something I would steal to use from my boyfriend. 

This is probably the first time I tried a Venus and I really liked it. This particular razor is made for people with sensitive skin. I do suffer from kerarosis pilaris which is a skin condition where my skin doesnt shed properly. ( yes, i know its gross) It makes my legs look like it has tiny bumps all over it. It makes it really hard for me to get a good close shave sometimes. 

Here's the packaging and how easily it opens. I really enjoyed this because i hate plastic packaging that's human proof. All you do is push the pre-cut opening in the back and voila! it's open. 

Here's some shots of the razor in my hand. It's very easy to hold and has a nice slim body.

My only complaint is ofcourse the razor holder that goes on the wall of the shower. I can never get them to stick on the walls. Every single one i have always tried and it never fails to fall right down 3 seconds later. I just dont bother with them anymore since i just place it on my shower caddy which has a razor holder built on it.

Here's my sensitive leggies. You can see the raised bumps that i have dealt with all my life thus far and will always have to deal with them as being apart of my body. (Sigh)

And here is a close few of the little hairs on my legs. Yes , I let them grow in a bit so i can show the difference effectively for this product review.
Here are my legs after I used the Venus Embrace. I love how nice and smooth it left my legs.
I'm very happy with the results and will be buying this razor for myself in the future.

Thanks Influenster and Gillette for hooking me up with this razor to try out for free. I hope I can get into more voxboxes in the future as well ;}

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