Tuesday, February 26, 2013

e-cloth, Perfect cleaning with just water

So I got a little surprise this morning. I received a package filled with an e-cloth mop , washing up pad, glass and polishing cloth and a general purpose cloth from MomsMeet. I have never heard of this company before but I thought that this was a Godsend!

 I have been wanting to clean my kitchen floor for a while because I just moved into my new home last month. I couldn't find any batteries for my Swiffer wet jet but have been so busy and never got to it. 
So I looked through the little pamphlet that came with the stuff. You can just use water with these cloths. No need for harsh chemicals and saves you time because you don't have to keep buying cleaning liquid. You just can rinse it off with hot water and occasionally throw it in your washer with some detergent to get it clean as a whistle again. It boasts a 300 wash guarantee so about 6 years of use with one machine wash per week. 
So moving on I went to go try it out in my kitchen with vinyl floors.
You can adjust the height of the mop very easily. You just turn the rod to loosen or tighten it.  So here is my dirty( and ugly) kitchen floor.
Yuck! Yes, I know I let it go for a little bit but had that Swiffer had batteries in it , I could have just used that very quickly to clean my floor. Oh I do love the fact that there is no need for batteries with this. All I did was have some water in a measuring cup and poured it on the floor little by little , area by area.
I think the shiny cleanliness of the area blurred my poor Ipod's camera ability. It did a good job and didn't leave my floors sticky. My only thing is I kind of like the nice smell that comes with some cleaners but I am sure there is a way you can just put some lavender or mint oil drops in the water to make it smell nice.

You can see all the dirt this baby picked up. There to the left is the clean part . It was so gentle on my floors to so this would be good on laminate wood flooring to but I only recommend that if they are water proof laminate floors.
I will be keeping this mop in my kitchen and throwing the swiffer in the basement as a backup. Love it!

Safe, chemical-free cleaning
Healthy cleaning for everybody
Save money cleaning
Good for the enviroment

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