Monday, June 6, 2016

How to remove dark under eye circles and take care of your skin

Dark under eye circles have been killer on me all my life. They will never completely go away and that't the truth of it. You can however help to diminish them with the help of some beauty products. The only way to completely get rid of them might be through laser skin resurfacing which I honestly would not trust near my eye area.

So I got three products to help me with my skin perfection journey. The name of the company is called Mediderm. They have a really large array of products but I decided to go with these three. I requested the Dark circle Eraser, Matte oil free moisturizer and the Instant Face Lift Concentrate.

There was a order I took into account when applying all three products to my skin. I would first wash my face in the shower with a good scrub cleanser. My skin was nice and dry afterwards and then I proceeded to apply the dark circle eraser first. The cream is thick but easy to work with. I found that it absorbed into the skin quickly and didn't leave me feeling greasy. I would say that on all three products it has a neutral cream scent. There was no tingly feeling and no burning. That was a great sign that my skin took to it. I then took the instant face lift and applied it to certain spots around my face. I took it to the smile lines around my mouth. They aren't intense yet but it's always to be proactive in my skincare. I really like the pump top and it was easy to use. I took just a tad to the corners of my eyes as well for the crows feet. After using those two products I took the moisturizer and lightly applied it to my whole face area but avoiding the spots I touched up on with the other two products. I feel like the moisturizer is a great way to keep the nasty oils from building up on my face.

So I took both pictures with absolutely no makeup on. The After shot I took this morning so I may have some leftover eyeliner on and sorry for the glasses mark on my nose. I can see a very nice difference just after 3 weeks of using all three products together. The darkness under my eyes have lightened up a little bit and even on the top of my eyes. I also have a better look to the top of my eyes in concern of the fine lines there. (I have been putting the instant face lift concentrate there). The redness around my nostrils is less harsh. I can't imagine how well these products would work with an older female with more fine lines around.  #EyeBagEraser

I can honestly say these products work very well together and I recommend them for anyone wanting to improve their skin.

You can find Mediderm's products here on their site:

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