Friday, December 28, 2012

Want to be featured in my Transmog Sections?

Would you like your character's Transmog featured in my Transmog sections? Contact me and I will give you details on how to do so. You can either leave me a comment on this post or message me on any of my social sites located to the right of the page and I will get back to you. :}


  1. hi. i really enjoyed your plate transmog section. excellent comments, etc. I don't know how "licious" you will think the mog is, but I wouldn't mind my Ret's set to be shown off a bit. His name is Oreojuice - Sargeras. I'm sure ill be logged out in the set, just check it out lemme know what you think. If i could make any changes please let me know as well.

  2. Your transmog has been put in the Plate section, Good Sir! Thank you for giving me some new content ...appreciate it. :}

    lol Also, it doesn't have to be necessarily sexylicious....I'm just looking for things that look good when put together. You know... I have that eye when I look at something and I'm like, " Yeah, yeah that looks good ...that's the one!"

    But yeah, your transmog looks perfect. Storybook perfection...I really like the nice touch you did with the Ironforge Tabard. ^__^