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So I decided to make a page dedicated to all the funny rage moments I have experienced playing Blizzard games like World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, HearthStone and Heroes of the Storm. If you have a screenshot of something funny please feel free to share it with me so that I may share it on here. Thanks and Enjoy!!


So I was playing Hearthstone on my Ipad. I was playing my terrible Druid deck I made for fun which is basically a few little tanks like Annoy-o-tron, some innervates, wild growths and then just a bunch of legendaries plus high big hitters like the 8-8 tree tank and the 6-7 Ogre. So basically the premise of the deck is hoping my tanks guard me until I can keep putting out my big cards every turn later on. Yeah, JonnyH was not very happy about his loss on his mage and decided to friend request me momentarily to tell me this. Thanks Jonny! :D (Btw, I have never spent a penny on this game but instead have played steadily since beta)


I just love playing Heroes of the Storm. You know what's even funnier? The crazy kids who rant and rave when you pick a hero in ranked that isn't to their liking.

I'm a firm believer in being able to work any character as long as the person behind it has skill and knows what they are doing. Malfurion is an amazing healer and one of my favorites right now. Don't let anyone bully you into picking something you aren't comfortable playing or just don't want to play at the moment. Besides, who has room to talk when they can't even do that much more siege than silly old malf? ;}

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