Friday, December 22, 2017

My beautiful new fake Cedar Bonsai tree from Silk Plants Direct

Isn't this fake cedar bonsai adorable? I've always had a deep fascination with Japan. I thought to bring in elements of Japan into my home so that I could feel the beauty of it without being there. Silk plants are popular today because they don't require much maintenance other than a cleaning every once in a while due to dust. It's amazing how real plants can look today. Sure, live plants are gorgeous and have a nice scent to them but they also come with drawbacks. I hate plant gnats/bugs that come with them plus I have somewhat of a brown thumb if you will. I could never keep something so delicate like a bonsai alive without failing. This is my fail-proof way to enjoy a bonsai plant.

I currently have my Cedar Bonsai sitting on my shelf mantle to enjoy when guests enter my home. I think it looks great against wood grain. This particular bonsai plant cost $60.99.

There's a ton more faux silk plants to choose from if you fancy it. They also have fake palm trees as well.

You can buy your own Cedar Bonsai silk plant from this site here:

Feel free to use my special code “ BLOGGER10 “ and get 10% Off your order except for custom made orders.

Please enjoy more photos of my bonsai below


I did get a pair of spider web votive candle holders as well from the same site. They have a ton of unique looking decor that's fun and hard to find anywhere else. They kind of remind me of Hobby Lobby, Michael's or TJMaxx. The way the products come packaged is perfect. There would never ever be a problem of anything coming broken.

These particular votive holders are hardy but fragile. They have a very high quality to them.

I need to come back and update the page here to show the link of this product. For some reason I can't find it, sorry! These would be great to have out for Halloween or some sort of fancy goth decor. I will be putting these back out in October for sure.

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